Cathy is a special lady, and I'm not the only one who knows it!

I will never forget how much Cathy inspired me at the pageant and how many times I asked her to repeat the story about her fighting off a thief. I think all people with disabilities can learn a lot from her, especially when it comes to courage. Kelly Rouba, Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey 2007

The amazing, powerful, beautiful women that I met in Bethesda, MD will be forever engraved in my heart.  Cathy Porter certainly stands out in my memory.  Whenever she would enter, her infectious smile would light up the room.  Alana Wallace, Ms. Wheelchair IL 2007

From the first time that I met Cathy I knew she was a W.E.A.N. Queen. A woman who exemplifies strength, courage, and perseverance. Her life radiates the message that " She is a woman first and her disABILITY does not define who she is. Much love and success. Janice Jackson, Director of Woman Embracing Abilities Now (W.E.A.N) 

I Thank God for putting this person in my Life.Sheila Whitaker, Best Friend

When folks want a pitty party they need to take a hard look at themselves and then remember folks like Cathy that don't have the time to fit one in their busy schedule! Buddy Hayes, Ms. Wheelchair VA 2007

Her self-pursuit and public advocacy of self-defense for people with disabilities really opened my eyes to this issue. She's a true example of the phrase "disability does not mean unable." Amy Saffell, Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2007

Cathy Porter was special. Not only did she have a friendly word for me during every interaction, she served as a mentor to me as well. Cathy is older than I am and we have the same disability. To see the things she had accomplished in her life gave me more hope about my future and the things that I could do.  Lorraine Cannistra, Ms. Wheelchair KS 2007 Speaker on topics to Empower People with Disabilities lcannistra@yahoo.com

My mom always provided the best things for me and I grew up in a very loving home. No matter what the situation, my mom always knew how to care for me. She is a very loving and understanding person that I know I can count on to be there when I need motherly advice. I’m very proud of my mother,I love her with all my heart. Catherine Moser, daughter

Although the world identifies Cathy as handicapped, a disability of cerebral palsy, I have never looked upon her as such. I commend her on her courageous strengths and determination to not let anything or anyone distract her from obtaining her goals.  Curtis Carey, brother-in-law

Aunt Cathy is special … she is a women with great confidence and courage. What she has accomplished from a wheelchair is amazing – more than a lot of able-bodied would ever dream of.  Dusty Carey, nephew.

Her disability didn’t stop her from being a great provider for children for all ages – abled-bodied and disabled. Parents accepted her as a business woman, not a women with a disability. She was always ready to offer her love and assistance to all children. Jason Carey, nephew.

I am proud of my sister, and know she will continue to be an asset to the disabilities community with her platform: Self-defense and Security for the Wheelchair User.  Jerry Fogler, brother

Cathy has not allowed her wheelchair to stop her –instead she has used it to excel into fields of the able-bodied – Day Care and Security; two fields that required great confidence and courage.I am proud of her and wish her the best.  Steve Carey, brother of Curtis Carey