As a Christian, I’m blessed!  No doubt about it. I am married and the mother of two incredible sons, Jason and Dusty.

When I recognized my gifts of writing and photography, life changed.  It became richer with purpose and a determination to use these gifts to bless others. 

In 1996, through the anointed book “In His Steps Ministry” by Charles Monroe Sheldon, God spoke to my heart. It changed my life forever. I shared this book (written over 100 years ago) with my co-workers.  It was the start of a daily biblical email titled Parable for Today. God used my daily “updates” to spark his interest in the hearts of hundreds. And it sparked a ministry that I had no idea was in my future.

From that day forth, life has never been the same. My family heard God’s still small voice again and obeyed – this time we auctioned off our worldly possessions (except our personal items and computer) and Curtis, Nancy and Dusty (our youngest son) hopped a plane to Kauai, HI in service to Him. Our oldest son, Jason, remained in Virginia to continue his college education.

Not sent by a church, we walked by faith and not by sight – literally. With no place to live, no job opportunities and no transportation, we left Virginia and moved to Kauai, HI for a two year mission adventure. And God provided for all our needs – a completely furnished condo in Princeville, HI, employment and a vehicle.  We obeyed, God provided.

Kauai, HI is known as the “Garden of Eden” for a reason – it is breathtakingly beautiful, but it is also an island in need of the Gospel.  God opened doors for my husband to evangelize and for me to start a women’s Bible study – and to expand the daily Parable for Today email into an eight page bi-weekly newsletter.

And for another unexpected blessing – I received a prophecy that my words would reach the entire world.  Little did I know then what was in store for me.

In 2006, God's still small voice spoke to me once again – he led me to the Ms. Wheelchair America program though an article in our local community paper. A program that expanded my gifts and returned incredible joy to my heart – and changed the life of My Sister, My Hero Cathy Porter.

Writing paints pictures with words, and pictures write with light. God anointed me with both gifts to reach the world. A specific group in the world – the wheelchair user.  Through my writing and photography, I have touched the lives of incredible women of strength and courage. Women who have not let their disability prevent them from living full and rewarding lives.

My Sister, My Hero Cathy Porter is one of those women.  God used his gifts through me to open a life changing door for Cathy – she became Ms. Wheelchair MD 2007 and the People's Choice Award Winner at the Ms. Wheelchair America 2008 Pageant.

My first published book is the story of Cathy – of her contagious smile and positive attitude that encourages the disabled world to “roll forth and take notice.”  She proves everyday that Disabled Does Not Mean Unable.