Eastern Caribbean: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas,                                                                          St. Maarten, Tortola BVI
Royal Caribbean
of the Seas
Labadee, Haiti
Front row: Angela and Sheila
Back row: Cathy and Juliettte
San Juan, PR -- What a day. Through Juliette's outreach to the local POLICA and Life Guard (Santiago), Cathy enjoyed a dip in the ocean at a private breach with her own private life guard!!!
St. Maarten - The location of another amazing adventure. Accessible Adventures owner, Luis, took us on a tour of memories. With Juliette, Cathy, Sheila strapped in, and me in the front seat, we got an amazing tour of the island, including a stop at Sunset Beach, better known as Airport Beach.

Planes literally land across the road from the beach!!! Notice the DANGER sign -- and yes, we witnessed one take off where it literally swept the people off their feet and into the water!!!
While Cathy enjoyed watching the locals, and vacationers, enjoy the beach, Juliette watched a plane prepare to land very close to the beach onto the landing strip across the road.
Tortola, BVI ... an island, we learned from the Security Guard, had never seen a power wheelchair before we arrived. 

Christmas in Tortola included trip to the local orphanage for the Staff to deliver presents.  On their return trip, they stopped to share a bit of Christmas joy with Cathy and Juliette.
On Board:  Another special treat organized by Juliette -- the caption of the Royal Caribbean delivered champagne to our tables, and stopped by for a photo shoot with the group.