The Bahamas - Cape Canaveral, Nassau and Freeport
Carnival Pride
The Bahamas
November 2011
Sheila, Nancy, Darlene, Cathy and Lesley enjoyed a warm/chilly day in the Bahamas.  As you can see, we vary from shorts to sweather. 
Cathy and Sheila pose with a local vendor -- with a very unique hat, which cost me $1 for the photo shoot.
Nassau brought some memorable moments.  With Sheila in a manual chair, Cathy became the leader of the pack.  And at this shopping advenure, a local (also with a unique hat) hitched a ride.

The Chesterfield Observer posed for this photo shoot.
Welcome to Port Canaveral
Cathy "appears" to be sleeping while waiting for the bus to transport us to the beach.

Days before our departure, Sheila's power wheelchair was involved in an accident. Cathy became her "electric power" during the cruise.
It was was beautiful day at the beach!  And a great day for photo shoots.
Welcome to Nassau
Welcome to Freeport
Another cruise comes to an end.  My "wheelchair angels" are adventurous cruisers.