Nancy Carey
Writer & Photographer
Welcome to my world ... a world of words that paint pictures and pictures that paint with light. When you combine the two, the most incredible creations occur. Books and pictures that tell stories that touch the heart and expose the eyes to God's spectacular beauty.

For this writer/photographer, this combination literally changed my life. They gave me a purpose that brought much joy and happiness to a very special person in my life -- My Sister, My Hero Cathy Porter  Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2007.

Memoirs are treasures; life stories to precious to remain silent.  Stories of hope and encouragement.  Stories not of one person, but of many whose lives made a difference in the world.

My Sister, My Hero Cathy Porter has bridged the gap from disabled to abled. I know her story will touch your heart and encourage you to cross over your threshold of fear and live the life God intends for you. A life of exciting adventures that never cease to amaze everyone!!!

Thank you for visiting my web site.  I hope it prompts you to follow your dreams and never give up. Life is too short to let any disability stop you from experiencing the best the world has to offer.

God Bless!!!


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Where you a BLESSING today?  If not, why not?  God gave us the ability to bless with our words and our actions.  Don't let your blessings go to waste today; they are worth more than silver and gold.  Call, write or visit someone in need.  Just as Cathy's story has blessed my life, let your life bless someones too!!!

"Stay true to what is right and God will bless you and use you to help others."   1 Timonthy 4:16
This adventurous group continues their quest to prove Disabled Does Not Mean Unable.


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